C6 IntelligenceC6 Intelligence

Regulatory Data and Insight

At C6 we pride ourselves on the quality of our data.

We help you to identify risk long before it has the chance to negatively affect your business. We monitor hundreds of thousands of intelligence source and human networks to give your business protection above and beyond regulatory compliance.
C6 provides the insight that regulators demand for:
  • Global Sanctions
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Adverse Media
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) legislation. 
  • Know your Staff (KYS)

Global Sanctions

Achieving consistency in global sanctions compliance requires excellent technology systems and access to the watch lists that drive sanctions filtering. C6 Intelligence enables you to keep up with the fast pace of regulation, on a global scale.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

C6’s database of PEPs allow business to identity where enhanced diligence may be necessary, in view of the higher risk that Political Exposed Persons present to businesses..

Adverse Media

The risks associated with conducting business with persons having an adverse media profile are many and varied. Be it regulatory, reputational or transactional, an effective adverse media screening solution can be used with the goal of reducing risks to the bottom line.

Know your customer

For Know Your Customer, C6's solutions combine our proprietary database with external data on individuals and business from a myriad of sources to provide a quick and easy confirmation of identity and intent. Know Your Customer includes ID verification.

Anti-Money Laundering

C6 monitors global governmental, police, regulatory and media source to ensure up–to-the-minute information, vital for compliance with national and international anti money laundering (AML) regulations. Our database is updated 24/7 by our global research team, to ensure our clients have the information required to monitor and alert them to any AML risk.

Know Your Staff

Know Your Staff is an essential requirement in any business’s fight against fraud, theft and money laundering. C6 products include automated solutions that monitor for financial or reputational risk, as well as process-driven pre-employment screening reports, giving a consistent and safe approach to your hiring process, and a means of monitoring for ongoing compliance.

Just some of the data sources available through C6
  • In-house research by our global team
  • Global Sanctions watch lists (HM Treasury, OFAC, and UN & EU)
  • Global PEPs
  • Financial Regulators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Global adverse Media sources
  • UK Companies House
  • Global ID Verification
  • England & Wales Charities Commission
  • UK Insolvents & Bankrupts lists; Disqualified Directors Database;
Profiles are typically created from multiple source documents, creating a consolidated view for customers to review. They feature a number of useful data subsets, including:
  • Detail – basic identity information
  • Alias – details of any alias names used
  • Addresses
  • Political – details of political office(s) held
  • Business – details of associated businesses
  • Linked persons – details of individuals linked to the profiled person, including family members/business associates
  • Documents – a cached collection of original source documentation referenced to create the given profile