Global Structure

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C6 Group Global Structure

C6 Intelligence EMEA

  • Services across the Data Continuum
  • Over 300 clients
  • Packages tailored to client needs
  • EDD & ABC reports
  • Clients across multiple industries

C6 Data Intelligence

  • Four million profiles on high risk entities
  • Analysts covering 200+ jurisdictions
  • One million PEP profiles
  • Solutions for data providers

C6 Enhanced Intelligence

  • A range of different EDD and ABC reports
  • In-house researchers and on-the-ground services
  • Global coverage
  • Serving data and intelligence providers
  • Employee screening

C6 Solutions Asia
C6 MIS North America

  • Offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Bangkok
  • Provider of EDD and ABC reports

C6 Fraud Intelligence

  • Gather data using sophisticated technology
  • Unique database which includes 400 million records of data being sold or offered online within the last three years
  • Using cutting-edge technology keeps us at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime