Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Reports

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C6 Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports provided a comprehensive and detailed background check on any entity or individual, regardless of geographic location. Available in four tiered levels, C6 can provide an EDD report to suit your unique requirements. Our reports combine rapid turnaround, quality verifiable data and low price to deliver a considerable saving in both time and money.

The C6 range of due Diligence products and services are available alongside an On-Going Monitoring service, which focuses on uncovering the ultimate beneficial ownership of corporate vehicles. The EDD range applies to both natural persons and legal entities. As well as these EDD products, we offer Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) and Employee Screening reports.

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports


The STANDARD EDD report provides information on a subject’s identification, listing their business and occupational background and associated people and entities, as well as a summary of potential risk factors


The PREMIUM EDD report provides you with an enhanced view of the entity, as well as a list of personal and business associations, including a more insightful view of potential risk factors. It also includes a summary of jurisdictional risks.


The EXECUTIVE EDD is our most detailed and complete due diligence report, providing you with a complete view of the subject, including enhanced detail of the subject’s network. This covers family members and additional analysis on the subject’s professional and business links – uncovering hidden relationships and beneficial ownership of associated entities along with an in-depth analysis of jurisdiction risks related to money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and organised crime. The EXECUTIVE EDD is an ideal tool for understanding complex personal and corporate networks.


The BESPOKE EDD is a more tailored investigation. We understand your needs are often diverse, so our BESPOKE EDD is a fully customisable product, allowing you to select any of the features of the EDD reports described above, or any other features for which C6 is able to provide coverage. Including discreet, on-the-ground enquiries, this level of research and investigation is the most thorough way to find the true beneficial ownership behind complex layers of corporate interests.


The ONGOING MONITORING EDD solution can be used to check on subjects considered to be of potential, ongoing risk. It provides regularly updated information on the subject of a prior EDD report. This service can be offered on a pre-agreed schedule (e.g. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly) or at any time new events occur (e.g. an election).

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C6 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Reports

Similar to the EDD offer, the ABC range includes different levels of reporting, focused on bribery and corruption risk potentially affecting natural persons and legal entities. The ABC offer is: STANDARD, PREMIUM, EXECUTIVE, BESPOKE and ONGOING ABC due diligence.


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