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Current money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations require financial institutions to monitor for designated sanctioned persons and entities,  including PEPs and their associates, amongst their current client base and prior to conducting new business with unknown parties.

C6 Intelligence monitoring services make it possible to achieve the right balance of compliance with business profitability.

At C6 Data Intelligence we provide the highest quality Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs),  advanced sanctions and Adverse Media data, to information resellers and distributors around the globe.

C6 Data has a unique database of over four million profiles, gathered over 10 years, from countless public sources and on-the-ground investigations using human intelligence.

Key Facts:

  • Over four million profiles of high-risk individuals and corporations
  • Over one million Politically Exposed Persons on record
  • Countless Adverse Media articles, analysed and categorised
  • Up to 25 data points
  • Over 200 researchers and analysts worldwide
  • The only independent provider of risk intelligence information
  • Delivery methods to suit the needs of you and your clients
  • Exemplary references
  • A partner programme that offers exciting benefits (read more)

Our data has provided hundreds of organisations, across multiple industries, the ability to pinpoint the risks that new clients, staff and suppliers pose; equipping them with the tools to take a risk- based approach to everyday activities, and complying with national and international KYC and KYS compliance activities.

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