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Our Partner Programme focuses on adding value to commercial relationships through innovation, quality, and excellence.

Partnering with us in the C6 Group Partner Programme will help you develop new services, differentiate and strengthen customer relationships and grow your business.

Our global, comprehensive data will increase your value proposition and help you develop new markets.

‘Successful partnerships always have clear goals, appropriate resources and are conducted with integrity and demonstrate a commitment to win. The C6 Partnership community is no different.’

Darren Innes, Chief Executive, C6 Intelligence

The specialist businesses in our Partner Community bring unique perspectives and diverse abilities, offering added value to our partner’s clients. Our Partnerships unite compatible people, businesses and services to offer unique opportunities to their clients.

How We Select Our Strategic Partners

We select partner organisations with whom we have a clear strategic fit and the intention of developing a long term partnership. Our partners have a strong, consultative approach and are committed to the battle against fraud and improving KYC practices.


We are committed to working successfully with our Solution Partners. There is no better time to join forces with one of the world’s leading independent intelligence data providers. Using our data your clients will be able to identify and mitigate the risks associated with money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing, sanctioned individuals and organisations, ID theft, fraud and regulatory non-compliance.

With C6 Intelligence, you will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of your business with your customers worldwide by providing a direct web link into the unique C6 data sets.
  • Leverage the only independent intelligence data source in world
  • Benefit from C6 Group’s global Fraud and KYC reputation in the worlds markets as an independent Data Solution Partner
  • Extend your data reach with complete access to the C6 Global database
  • Utilize our secure hosted intelligence data via the C6 API
  • Interrogate data using your own internal software by importing direct bulk data downloads
  • Offer your clients own branded data solutions
  • A dedicated single point of contact within C6 to ensure consistent messaging and support

Value Added Resellers

As a VAR you will be able to resell the full C6 Intelligence product range, or package our offerings in a way that enhances your own services via a direct data feed or regular bulk data downloads.

White Label Partners

C6 Intelligence can offer our service to your clients and enhance your product offering using a white label custom solution. Your clients won’t know that the service isn’t provided directly by you.

Technology Partners

You have the option to embed C6 data directly into your existing solution, to enhance its capabilities, features and functionality. By doing this you can enable your product to cross reference the entire C6 data set.

– Introducers

Do you know people who would be interested in the C6 offerings? Then speak to us about becoming an introducer and discover how this would benefit you.


To request information about the C6 Partner Programme, please complete the details on the contact page and a member of our team will contact you or email


C6 Partners

Creditsafe is the world’s most used supplier of on-line company business intelligence with 10 Creditsafe Group reports downloaded every second around the world. Privately owned and independently minded Creditsafe is looking to change the way business information is used by providing high quality data in an easy to use format that is accessible to all parts of an organisation, not just the finance function. Launched in Norway in 1997, Creditsafe has offices in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA employing over 1000 people and has more than 80,000 subscription customers, across the group.

Contego Logo
Contego is an online platform which helps simplify, speed up, and improve the quality of compliance and anti-fraud decisions. Contego’s innovative software platform delivers due diligence and  risk- scoring on  companies and individuals.

Cynopsis-Solutions reduces the cost of Regulatory, Control & Governance Reporting for the financial & professional services industry. We specialise in utilising multiple modern technologies to simplify complex business processes.

The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBG combines this concept of identity with technology so that organisations can recruit, and comply with legislation safely, responsibly and profitably.

Sphonic provides unique solutions that focus around online customer transaction significance to create a digital picture of an applicant which enables organisations to increase customer acceptance levels, whilst lowering operational costs and eliminating fraud.