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Global Sanctions and Restrictive Measures

C6 Data Intelligence Sanctions solution offers a 360 degree view of international and national restrictive measures. Benefitting from a fully integrated platform allowing cross-checks to be escalated to a fully customisable, enhanced due diligence investigation.

All our global sanction lists are monitored every half an hour, and any updates or releases are updated in the C6 database within an hour of release on a constant basis. Our ongoing, reviewing and updating processes also ensures the highest level of sanction data availability.

Sanction data coverage includes:

  • HMT sanction regimes
  • OFAC & Bureau of International Security and Non-Proliferation Sanctions
  • UNSC Resolutions
  • EU Restrictive measures
  • National / Unilateral restrictive measures (where applicable)

Achieving consistency in global sanctions compliance, requires advanced technology and access to the watch lists driving sanctions filtering. C6 Data Intelligence enables you to keep up with the rapid pace of regulation, on a global scale.

Worldwide Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

With over one million profiles, C6’s database of PEPs (individuals, PEP related legal entities, and state owned enterprises) allows you to pinpoint compliance risks, and understand complex networks of interests; linking public officials, high net worth individuals and businesses. The next step is an enhanced diligence check, to uncover complex beneficial ownership structures and related reputational and corruption or financial crime risks.

C6 Data Intelligence PEP profiles are created by our in-house global research team, from multiple source documents, such as official information provided by national public authorities, and including the sub-national level (over 3050 PEP dedicated sources), and open source media, to create a consolidated view. A typical PEP profile includes, as a minimum:

  • Identity information, including details of any aliases used
  • Addresses
  • Details of political office(s) held
  • Details of associated businesses
  • Details of individuals linked to the profiled person, including family members and business associates
  • A cached collection of original source documents, referenced to create the profile

International Watch Lists and Adverse Media

The risks of conducting business with anyone with an adverse media profile are many and varied. Whether it’s regulatory, reputational or transactional, an effective adverse media screening solution, based on the C6 database of over four million profiles of high risk individuals and corporations, can be used to reduce exposure.

Data sources monitored on a constant basis, include:

  • Global compliance, financial regulators (over 400 sources), law enforcement (over 600 sources) and restrictive trading ‘watch lists’ (e.g. UK Financial Conduct Authority, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Interpol, Europol, the FBI and other national police wanted lists)
  • Global adverse media (over 10,000 sources)
  • Criminal convictions within the confines of the legislation in appropriate jurisdictions
  • Industry and other commercial or specialist sources
  • UK Companies House and corporate registers from across the world
  • UK insolvents and bankrupts lists
  • Disqualified directors database
  • England & Wales Charities Commission
  • UK Local Register
  • Global ID Verification

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