Data & Privacy Policy

The data we hold

We hold data on private individuals, government officials, companies, corporations and groups throughout the world. We hold ‘personal data’ and, in some circumstances, we also hold ‘sensitive personal data’ as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the ‘DPA’).

Where we got it from

All of the data that we have obtained ourselves (we also purchase data from other providers-see below) is obtained from public sources. These sources are Government sanction lists, inter-governmental sanction lists, news media, law enforcement agencies and governmental agencies (wherever such agencies provide lists of individuals who are known to be engaged in illegal, corrupt or fraudulent activities).

We do not obtain personal details from marketing lists or other similar sources.

Who owns and who processes the data

The data that we hold is controlled by the company, so the Data Controller (as defined in the Data Protection Act) is C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited, a company that is registered in England & Wales with registration number 5048084. This company is also the Data Processor.

Data Controller & Data Processor

C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited

10 Queen St Place

Data that we have purchased

In special circumstances we may obtain data on individuals from sources on a paid basis. Currently we obtain data from:

We also access services provided by other organisations to run checks without obtaining or storing the personal data they provide.

The reason that we hold it

We hold data on individuals that fall into any of the following categories:

We use this data to identify individuals who are or may be involved in unlawful activity. We also hold data about bankrupts, deaths and charities to help expose unlawful and fraudulent claims or applications.

The way we use the data

We use data that we hold on data subjects to detect and prevent unlawful activity normally by helping our clients to check names or lists of names against our database. If the client concerned matches a name against our database, and therefore believes that there is reason to suspect fraudulent or other unlawful behaviour, we display the information that we hold on the data subject. Our clients are bound by contractual terms in the way that they can use the data provided.

Privacy and security

It is the policy of C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited to ensure that data is handled correctly and appropriately according to the value of the information, the risk associated with mis-handling, the criticality of the data to the company and its customers and according to any applicable legal requirements.

We have regular security and risk reviews and we monitor all of the controls that we have in place to ensure the security, accuracy and integrity of the data that we hold. We also endeavour to ensure that the data we hold is only accessed by authorised personnel for valid purposes. We do not permit unauthorised access , nor do we allow clients to permit unauthorised access.

We have a set of formal procedures that must be adhered to within our organisation to ensure that security standards are maintained and that data privacy is respected.

Data rights

Your access rights

Laws enacted in the British and European Parliaments have set out the rights of data subjects to control information that is held about them and the way in which it is used. C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited are wholly committed to the principles behind this legislation.

We work hard to ensure that the data we hold is secure, accurate and well maintained. We also consider the rights of data subjects (that is, whoever we hold data about) to be of the highest priority and those rights include both the right to privacy and the right to access the data.

To enquire about whether your name is on the C6 Database, send an email or letter detailing your request and providing your name, date of birth and address. Send this information to the following address;

(Please enter Data Protection Request as the email subject)


Head of Risk
C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited
Vita House
London Street
RG21 7PG

Our first response to an enquiry about the data we hold will be simply whether or not we have a record that matches the name and address supplied. If a match is revealed, and a data subject wants further information about the data we hold, we will endeavour to meet such a request, subject to security concerns.

To obtain full disclosure of a data record, any enquiry must be accompanied with proof of identity. This is done to ensure that we do not release personal or sensitive information to any third party. Note that most of the data that we hold is focused on individuals operating unlawfully or illegally. If we believe that releasing the data would jeopardise the prevention of unlawful acts, then we are entitled to withhold information.

No marketing

The data that we collect is used for the prevention of unlawful acts and for that purpose alone. We do not use the data for marketing purposes, nor do we sell, rent lease or in other ways make available the data to any organisation engaged in direct marketing.

No automated decisions

We use data help prevent unlawful acts by presenting clients with what information we have been able to obtain on specific data subjects. Our system does not present clients with an opinion, nor does it facilitate automated decisions. We specifically exclude clients from making automated decisions based on our data. This protects data subjects from unmonitored and unnecessarily draconian controls.

Where we send data

Our clients have offices world-wide and we provide them with services to meet world-wide commitments. We therefore send data to locations outside of the European Union. We ensure that data remains as secure and that privacy standards are maintained in the locations where we send data by either binding data centres to contractual agreements on security and privacy, or by dealing with data centres that have met internationally recognised data security standards. Currently we send data to Poland, Romania, Singapore, Turkey. Other international destinations will be added shortly (and may be added without updates to this web page).