C6 Group News

October 16, 2015

Financial Fraud Action UK Figures Released

Consumers are increasingly becoming direct targets for financial criminals according to the latest fraud figures released earlier this month by Financial Fraud Action UK (FFAUK).

Despite bank and card company security systems now stopping over two thirds of attempted fraud, financial fraud losses are still on the rise, increasing by six per cent in the first half of 2015 to a £325.3 million loss through payment cards, online and telephone banking, and cheques.  Included in these figures, card ID theft, which either sets up a new account or takes over an existing one using stolen personal information, was up 28 per cent from the same period last year, rising to $18.8 million.

Darren Innes, CEO of the C6 Group, which includes the website www.hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com website, comments, “Financial criminals and fraudsters are masters at collecting personal information from people through phone scams, online social sites that share personal information, and through the use of malware and viruses. There are basic steps that individuals can take, such as ensuring they change their passwords regularly, shredding personal documents and so on, but in a lot of cases the consumer may have no idea that they have been targeted until it is too late. The best approach for individuals is to prevent a fraud ever happening by checking and monitoring the dark web to ensure that their identity hasn’t been stolen. Our web site, www.hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com, enables them to do this.”