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Any insurer, credit reference agency or identity theft protection firm is only as good as the intelligence and data they acquire. At C6 we are at the forefront of the fight against crime. By using human intelligence, rather than automated spiders to gather data. Using this technique we are able to penetrate password-protected criminal websites, to gather data on the identities that have been stolen and offered for sales on the dark web.

Our service focuses on identifying the compromised data, while the profile of a potential target is still being built and therefore, in many cases, before any fraudulent activity has taken place. Unlike automated spiders, which are designed to vacuum up multiple data strings and key words, leading to many false positives and unwarranted alerts.

Our data is 100% accurate, so if you or your clients details appear in our unique database, then this data has been offered for sale on the dark web. The problem with spiders is that in most cases they are only released onto the web once the criminals have used them, and the damage is done.

C6 Fraud database statistics:

  • ID Fraud records – 472 million
  • Number of fields in database – 84
  • Records discovered in 2014 – 95 million
  • Records discovered per day – 289, 000

A large online retailer approached us with 100,000 client records to investigate. We positively matched 14.31% of their records against our fraud database.  We were able to confidently confirm that these matched records were as a direct result of ID Theft and the resulting frauds were ID Fraud. C6 had identified these stolen identity records, in some cases, two years prior to the fraud event becoming known by the retailer.

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