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Protection Against Loss of Data

The impact the loss of your customer data can have on your brand’s reputation, and customer satisfaction and loyalty is obvious. However, it can also damage your company’s overall value.

Using our highly-skilled team of ex-law enforcement officers and highly trained analysts, we monitor password-protected, dark web criminal websites for individual and corporate identity data offered for sale – in most cases, identifying the actual source of the data. By doing this we are often aware of breaches in your security, and the resulting loss of customer credentials, before either you or the press are aware of it. This is how we can prevent your brand and company from being degraded.

C6 Fraud Screening

Using basic customer information you can screen your client’s data against our fraud database to identify when and where your client’s information has been traded on the Dark Web.

This has the potential to result in the identification of a fraud risk within your client base. And provide you with the ability to identify that your clients and you are at risk of fraud.

C6 Fraud Screening can provide a significant advantage in the reduction of fraud costs and time and resource spent investigating known and potential fraud occurrences. Your client information can be screened against our fraud database on an ad-hoc basis or using and bulk screening process.

C6 ID Fraud Check

C6 ID Fraud Check is an online service allowing you to interrogate our unique growing database of over 472 million records of stolen identities.

By entering data into an online tool, you will receive instant results, telling you whether an individual’s records are for sale, what those records are, and the date these records were being traded.

C6 Corporate Monitor

At C6 we believe prevention is better than cure.

Criminals are constantly attempting to penetrate your company’s security. To effectively protect yourself, you need to take a proactive approach. Catching the breach early can prevent a catastrophe, not merely the costs you will incur, the loss of customer data, or your reputational damage, but the impact it may have on your share price and overall value of your firm.

The C6 Fraud Employee Screening service is designed to alert you as soon as an employee’s email detials are offered for sale on the dark web.

C6 Transaction Screening

Losing money to identity fraud is a part of everyday life. Companies accept the need to write-off hundreds of millions every year, giving criminals an even greater incentive to commit fraud.
At C6 we don’t believe this should be happening. Using our unique database of Anti Money Laundering (AML) Accounts, IP Addresses and stolen identities, any organisation can screen all their transactions to identify potential exposure, stopping the transportation of goods or the payment of monies, until further investigation is undertaken.

We work with your team to create a logical, tailored scoring process and decide which of our fields of data provide the biggest risk to your business, helping you manage both volume and accuracy.

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