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Today, it’s essential that Know Your Customer (KYC) operations are efficiently run.

C6 Intelligence has developed kyC6, a highly effective online portal that enables Compliance teams to search for key individuals against a database of global information, monitor targets on an on-going basis and order Enhanced Due Diligence reports.

kyC6 Search & Monitor

Enter defined Search criteria on a person or company, view the results and then drill deeper into our comprehensive data sets.

With kyC6 Monitor, oversee large volumes of individuals and organisations. An automated process enables you to access the details that affect your business, wash it through the C6 data set, view any associated hits, and delve deeper into the data.

Reduce False Positives by up to 30%

The intelligent algorithms within kyC6 enable Compliance teams to set the sensitivity of their searches, more easily find the right matches whilst minimising False Positives.

To find out more, please download our C6 False Positives Data Sheet.

 Vali-D8 Passport Checker

VALI-D8 is a desktop application that allows you to verify the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ*), found on global passports and identification documents, is valid. It also allows you to check the holder’s personal details are correct.


C6 e-ID&V delivers a robust service in 31 countries, as well as AML/KYC checks in more than 240 countries. C6 tools are integrated with the globe’s leading suppliers of ID data, enabling us to provide a single, best-in-class check.


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