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kyC6, our online Compliance portal gives you access to a comprehensive number of data sets from global sources, all in one place. This places C6 Intelligence in the top five business intelligence providers in the world.

Our data includes:

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Sanctions
  • Adverse Media screening and monitoring
  • Criminal record checks
  • ID Verification and Authentication
  • Global corporate registry data
  • ID&V checks




kyC6 from C6 Intelligence provides e-ID&V, PEP, Sanction, Adverse Media data sets on a single screen. This enables compliance professionals to better use their time, helping them to reach the right decision more quickly, better managing their workload.


Using our leading online Compliance portal, kyC6, you can search against international datasets that include:

  • Global tax office data
  • Address, telephone and email address validation
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) data
  • Sanctions
  • Adverse Media coverage
  • Law enforcement data
  • Corporate registry data
  • Global ID&V checks

kyC6 objectively validates international government issued documents, international passport check, UK & USA DVLA verification, international ID cards E.G. SSN. E-ID&V.


  • e-KYB checks against shareholders
  • Active business
  • Company report
  • Insolvency
  • Corporate registry data

Credit reports and ongoing daily monitoring


  • e-KYS Checks
  • International employee background checks
  • Screening and ongoing monitoring on one platform
  • International criminal record checks
  • Employment ID
  • Personal reference
  • CV
  • Right to work
  • Education
  • Adverse financial and insolvency
  • Credit reports & ongoing daily monitoring

C6 has proven 30%-50% reductions in e-KYS costs and has the fastest international turnaround times.