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C6 Group Partners with Contego Fraud Solutions to Provide Unique Global PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media Intelligence Data to Help Prevent Fraud.

Basingstoke, UK – 19 February 2015


C6 Intelligence Information Systems Limited, the leading global independent risk data intelligence provider, has signed a new partnership agreement with Contego Fraud Solutions Limited, innovators in compliance and anti-fraud software, to provide them with unique Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Adverse Media and International Sanctions data as part of their existing fraud detection, identity verification solution.
This partnership will allow Contego and its client’s access to C6 Intelligence’s extensive database of over 4 million profiles on high risk individuals and organisations. The exclusive C6 database also includes information on over 1 million PEPs, and is complemented by an extensive source adverse media articles. All of which are fully auditable and have been collected using human intelligence, not code, over a period of ten years.
Contego believe that the C6 Intelligence’s PEPs, Sanction and Adverse Media database is an exceptionally beneficial source of intelligence for the financial services industry, or any organisation needing to complete due diligence and monitoring on new or existing clients and employees to prevent money laundering. C6’s data is revered for both its quality and exclusivity, their extensive database which contains fully auditable open source adverse media articles which and are longer accessible anywhere else on the web.
Contego chose data intelligence provider C6 Intelligence, based on a shared vision of providing the market with complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Employee (KYE) solutions established from the highest quality data from the greatest number of sources.
Adrian Black, CEO, Contego is quoted as saying “Contego’s vision is to provide our clients with solutions that make risk-related decisions better, faster and more cost-effective. We deliver best-of-breed data sets and our partnership with C6 Group helps us to provide our clients with access to some of the most up-to-date and sophisticated PEPs and sanctions data available”.
Darren Innes CEO of the C6 Group is quoted saying “Contego’s selection of C6 reinforces its thought leadership in the fraud Identification and Verification space and is an early indication of this market’s desire to stabilise it by having a robust platform for KYC data that reflects the state of the world at any given time.”: Innes went on to say “By choosing C6, Contego will be able to grow its business, confident in the knowledge that the C6 platform will be able to scale with its growth. Contego’s customers will be able to make rapid transaction decisions in real-time.”
Darren Innes, C6 CEO is quoted as saying “we are delighted that Contego chose C6 to provide them with our unique, risk intelligence data”. He went on to say “high data accuracy and completeness will enable Contego’s clients to make fast and informed business decisions based on actionable data, thereby helping to reduce business risk, specifically in situations where sanctions lists are updated daily depending on geopolitical activity and any adverse media”.

About C6 Intelligence
We provide actionable intelligence to improve business transparency and maintain business integrity – Pinpointing risk

C6 Intelligence is a trusted provider of intelligence data to over 300 clients, in more than 40 jurisdictions around the world. Our data is trusted by global tier one banks, consumer brands and airports. Using human intelligence, not just code, we are able to pinpoint any risks associated with acquiring new clients and staff using our suite of search and monitoring data solutions which access our unique and expanding database of over 480 million personal records. We can also provide our clients with on-going monitoring intelligence for known individuals providing alerts when things change. Our database, now in its tenth year, helps our clients to know their risk and maintain full regulatory compliance across boarders and in accordance with worldwide trading sanctions.
Our recognised data intelligence solutions include:

 C6 Intelligence – Real-time PEPs, Sanction and Adverse Media Search and Monitoring Services
 C6 Enhanced Intelligence – Individual and Corporate Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting Services
 C6 Fraud Intelligence – Fraud Screening, Monitoring, Identity Theft Prevention and ID verification services
 – Personal Identity Checking and Monitoring Service

For further information, please contact us:

Telephone: EMEA +44 (0)1256 301 510 E-mail:

Follow C6 intelligence:
Twitter: @C6News | Facebook: C6 Intelligence | LinkedIn: C6 Intelligence Information Systems

About Contego
Contego is an online platform which helps simplify, speed up, and improve the quality of compliance and anti-fraud decisions. Contego’s innovative software platform delivers due diligence and risk- scoring on both companies and individuals. Through its single-point solution Contego aggregates best-of-breed data from a variety of sources, including law enforcement agencies, commercial suppliers and social networks to verify individuals and companies.
Whether on-boarding new customers or personnel Contego enables companies to check both individuals and companies at speed, saving time and money. Its enhanced due-diligence features help reduce the risk of reputation damage. With its fully secure and encrypted storage, Contego not only helps companies to significantly reduce the risk of fraud, but also delivers peace of mind on security, compliance and data protection.

For further information, please contact us:
Telephone: +44 (1235) 375 000
Follow Contego: Twitter @contego LinkedIn Contego Fraud Solutions

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C6 Intelligence Group Partners with GBGroup to Provide Unique Global PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media Intelligence Data

Basingstoke, UK – 24th November 2014

C6 Intelligence Group, the leading independent data intelligence provider, has signed a new long term partnership agreement with GBGroup Plc, the global leader in Identity Intelligence, to provide Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and international sanctions data as part of their ID3global ID Verification solution. (more…)

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Stolen personal data of 40,000 Tottenham and Wood Green residents for sale on ‘dark web’

The personal information of almost 40,000 people living in Tottenham and Wood Green has been put up for sale on the dark web, according to new data revealing the startling scale of online identity fraud.

The figures, compiled by a risk intelligence company, show criminal trade in stolen personal data is booming, fuelled by the anonymity of the hidden web.

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C6 Intelligence Announces Purchase of Pneuron Distributed Analytics Platform for Creation of Next-Generation Fraud and Identity Theft Solutions

Pneuron Corporation, the pioneer of the distributed solutions category, today announced C6 Intelligence has licensed Pneuron’s Distributed Platform for the design, development and deployment of next generation B2B and B2C global risk and fraud solutions.

The implementation will enable C6 to access thousands of different data sources around the world to help their customers understand their vulnerability to the increasingly troubling threats of identity theft, brand protection and money laundering. In the United States alone, it is expected 15 million…

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